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Here are some of the most common WordPress-related questions. Can't find what you a looking for here? Drop us a line! We'll be more than happy to help you.

Our customer support is available
Monday to Saturday  7h30 – 11h30 AM, 1h – 5h PM (GMT +7).
More detail should view http://sp.g5plus.net/

Our development team is available
Monday to Saturday  7h30 – 11h30 AM, 1h – 5h PM (GMT +7).

We don’t do design(psd files), but we can supercharge your WordPress theme with custom plugins and widgets. Based on your requirements, we can also provide customize service. Please contact us for more information.

The process to convert PSD to WordPress takes a lot more time and effort since it technically is a conversion from PSD to HTML and then from HTML to WordPress. Our average cost for this service is $500-$1000.

The cost to convert PSD files to Html will depend on the complexity of your website, which will include specific features, functions, and how many total pages there are. It also will depend on if you want any revisions to be made to your website’s design. All of these factors will determine the exact cost. The majority of our Html conversions only cost around $300-$500.

It’s quite simple. We look through your project specs and the complexity of your designs and calculate the price on HTML/CSS markup and WordPress implementation separately, depending on your project complexity and the time required to code it. Please contact us with your project specs to learn our hourly rates.

Sure! But please note that the delivery date and price depend on your project complexity. Please contact us for a custom quote..

If you can provide us the FTP information of your website, we can upload it once the project is finished.

When you place the order online you will have to pay via Paypal, Skrill or credit card. This is pre-paid service that is you have to pay before we start working on your project. If value of project is more than $300 you can pay 50% to get started. You need to contact us for quote and use this (Paypal, Skrill) link to pay 50%.

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