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How to Hide Pre-loading Animation or Customize it (ex ZORKA)

1. Hide pre-loading animation
Go to ThemeOptions >> General Setting tab, scroll down and choose as the screenshot below to on/off selector and loading animation.

2. Customize loading
Please follow these steps:
2.1 – Change content out html: Open file jquery.animsition.js on this path: zorka\assets\plugins\animsition\js edit here:

2.2 – Min file js above(jquery.animsition.js) to jquery.animsition.min.js => copy all content(after min js).
Next, open file plugins.js on this path: zorka\assets\js, paste content to replace here:

– May be you must edit style css if change html on step 2.1

If you have any troubles configuring your website applications with the above settings you can contact the Support Center by signing up and submit a new topic. G5Theme Support Team will be glad to assist you.
Thank you very much for choosing G5Theme!