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Viet Nam – a developing S&T market

Vietnam - Attractive destination

Viet Nam – a developing S&T market

Viet Nam – a developing S&T market

Nowaday, Vietnam is no longer the rural territory, only covered with rice fields and jungles, that Occident still imagines in its representation of Orient. Vietnam is a development success story. Political and economic reforms launched in 1986 have transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world, with per capita income around US $100, to lower middle income status within a quarter of a century with per capita income of around US $2,100 by the end of 2015. Not only are incomes higher, but the Vietnamese population is better educated and has a higher life expectancy than most countries with a similar per capita income.
With the geographic location advantage, Vietnam has many opportunities to attract investment flows, exploit foreign financial resources, management experience and manpower to improve its S&T capacity.
Vietnam embodies a new growing destinations in South East Asia, which has both the ambition and the means to become one of the top locations in the world for offshore services.
Furthermore, Vietnam adopts new technologies and trains its engineers at a steady pace, which is the promise for information technologies firms of a swift development with skilled workforce.


With G5Plus, the benefit of customer service is to provide perfect products with amazing support team. We will understand your needs and give clear instructions to our offshore production team in order to produce high-quality, timely and efficient results.
Flexibility and availability: we have many IT professionals who can work different time shifts, or even 24/7 for large projects with short deadlines. As a consequence, reactivity and time to market improve dramatically. You also have access to highly qualified individuals, specialized in every aspect of the Internet and emerging technologies, who are willing to work at much more competitive rates than in Europe or USA.

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